Best Brother Printers for Sublimation: Comparison, Pros, and ConsBest

Best Brother Printers for Sublimation

A Brother Printers for Sublimation is your best choice if you are in a stationery company or own a store where designs are printed on shirts, sheets, mugs, and other items. You must be willing to get a high-quality sublimation printer for your regular sublimation printing demands

You may depend on the Brother brand to utilize their printers for sublimation, even if other manufacturers provide these types of printers. I got information on some of the top Brother printers for sublimation printing.

The market is flooded with several models, each with unique parameters and output outcomes. This guide for Brother Sublimation printers will be very helpful to you if you want to choose the best brother printers for sublimation.

Purchasing Brother Printers for Sublimation

Purchasing a printer with checking features is safe. I’ll provide a purchasing guide so you can decide.

Print Cost

Your printing cost will be cheaper if you use a simpler printer. Cost per impression is crucial as you’ll be printing thousands of sheets.

Print size

This is another legitimate point, as your printer needs to print multiple sizes. It should print on different paper sizes and lengths.

brother printers for Sublimation can print big sheets of paper; thus, the resolution should be sufficient.


While selecting a Brother Sublimation printer for business use, consider printing resolution. This will improve your final resolution.

Refill Ink

Next, get basic, easy-to-refill tanks or enormous tanks that last years. This eliminates the need to replace inks, which delays production.

In light of this, let’s examine the finest Brother Printers for sublimation.

Best Brother Sublimation Printers

1 . Mono-Laser Brother HL-L2320D

Mono-Laser Brother HL-L2320D

The Brother Sublimation printer HL-L2320D is the finest business sublimation printer. This printer saves sublimation ink and is small.

The printer’s capacity to handle 2600-page cartridges makes it a popular option for sublimation printing since it can operate nonstop with superb output.

It costs less per page than inkjets and is smaller than most laser printers.

Important Features

This brother printer for sublimation can print 2600 pages without changing the ink cartridge, which is its best feature.

It is a great business sublimation printer for offices that print several archives per second. It handles paper size and limit.

This sublimation printer has 2600×600 dpi. Beginners will love the Brothers mono-laser printer’s versatility.

It can print in any font size and hold 250 sheets of paper. This dual-sided sublimation printer prints.

It is one of the quickest sublimation printers for your company, producing monochrome prints at 30 ppm using laser technology.

USB 2.0 may connect it to an external media source and print instantly.


  • Fast monochrome printer with 30ppm
  • Easy USB 2.0 printing
  • Manual feed slot for envelopes and sheets
  • The 250-sheet printer can print double-sided


  • Little connectivity possibilities.

2 . Brother MFC-J995DW

 Brother MFC-J995DW

Brother MFC-J995DW is a sublimation laser printer that works long hours and retains ink.

This brother printer for sublimation lets you quickly personalise shirts, mugs, sheets, and paper with easy settings. This printer’s text and pictures are worth it.

This all-in-one inkjet printer can print at 6000 by 1200 DPI. The Brother iPrint Scan software allows you to choose a flatbed scanning resolution of 2400 by 1200 DPI and an ADF resolution of 1200 by 600 DPI.

If you print charts and graphs, require a scanner/faxer/copier, and want to save on ink, the Brother MFC-J995DW is a great choice. It has a touchscreen interface, a multi-function printer, and powerful, vivid pictures with minimal ink.

Important Features

The ink cartridges in this printer can hold much ink, making it a better choice. This printer makes attractive adaptations quickly.

Brother MFC-ink J995DW retention is great. Since this printer has plenty of ink and preserves it well. High-resolution customization is available for all product areas.

It stores ink for a year and tracks use. Not refilling cartridges saves money, ink, and time.

USB connectivity lets the Brother MFC-J995DW transmit photographs and prints. USB ports are usually protected. It describes its operation and capability.

It prints wirelessly. Its self-cleaning system is built-in. It’s inconvenient and risks cartridge damage.

Because of its enormous storage tank, cartridges can be removed or replaced. This cartridge-free printer is better.

This Brother printer for sublimation works well with USB devices and has no known faults.


  • Wireless and USB connection
  • Incredible customizability
  • Long-lasting ink cartridges


  • Slower than alternatives.

3 . Brother MFC-J6545DW XL

Brother MFC-J6545DW XL

The greatest Brother printer for sublimation is the MFC-J6545DW XL if you can afford it.

This printer produces huge pages and documents automatically with expanded prints. You’ll buy a long-lasting inkjet printer.

Inkjets with non-integrated print heads need ink to power the machine during setup. This technique takes 6% of the “inbox” (beginning) tanks (cartridges).

The bundle includes XL toner cartridges, so customers won’t need to purchase more (estimated at 5000 pages for cyan, yellow, and magenta, or 3000 pages for black). Brother printer for sublimation claims the package has enough ink for two years.


Its all-in-one colour inkjet with tank technology is great for small businesses and home offices because of its reliability, efficiency, and quality.

High-capacity INKvestment Tank cartridges hold more ink for long-term usage. An integrated ink tank and smart Page Gauge make printing easy.

This printer is ideal for 11′′x17′′ print, copy, scan, and fax, cloud printing, a 50-sheet automatic document feeder, and touchscreen scanning.

It boosts product sublimation printing productivity as a business-capable printer. Ink-free printing lasts two years.

INKvestment Tank provides functionality, convenience, and cost without ink worries.

A front-loading sublimation cartridge is easy to use and clean. An internal ink tank lets printers produce more pages.

Your functioning method is straightforward. The user sees the remaining pages based on ink use.


  • Long-term printing without ink worries
  • Ink tank lasts at least 2 years
  • Uninterrupted printing without cartridge changes
  • Fast, dependable printing.


    • Expensive.


    My assessment of the best Brother printer for sublimation includes three of the greatest options to consider as your best printer.

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