Best sublimation printer for tumblers

Across the globe, a new design fad is starting to emerge. The method of sublimation printing involves applying a digital picture on several surfaces. Because of how easy it is to make these prints, more and more products, like mugs and t-shirts, are being printed with them. This blog will cover the Best sublimation printer for tumblers, so you can begin creating them now.

Best sublimation printer for tumblers

Best sublimation printer for tumblers

Epson Expression Premium ET-7700

Tumbler sublimation printing is a breeze with the Epson Expression Premium ET-7700. Since this printer is wireless, you may print from any computer or device in your house or workplace. The 3.8-inch color touchscreen on this printer makes navigating simple, and the Auto Picture Mode lets you print photos in excellent quality in just a few minutes! The Epson Expression Premium ET-7700 reliably creates brilliant, vivid pictures on tumblers with Best sublimation printer for tumblers.

This printer can print your tumbler patterns regularly with no issues since it has a low running cost and a duty cycle of 99 percent. The Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems are compatible with the Epson Expression Premium ET-7700. It offers excellent value for the money and sublimation printer for tumblers is a fantastic option for usage at home and in small enterprises.


  • That includes two years of ink.
  • There is no need for cartridges.
  • The wireless printer


  • A little challenging to use

Why did we choose it

The Epson Expression Premium ET-7700 is a good option for sublimation printer for tumblers. The built-in memory card port lets you edit images while on the road, and wireless printing lets you print from nearly anywhere. At this pricing range, the high-quality, bright prints are incomparable.

Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000

An absolute sublimation printing powerhouse. The sublimation printer from Sawgrass has a distinct character and characteristics. Whether you are preparing to grow your sublimation printing firm or are having trouble scaling, this SG1000 is excellent.

The sg1000 offers excellent color fidelity, so I placed this printer at the top of my list. Every aspect of the pattern is printed, and the colors are vivid. The most incredible thing about it is that it prints at large proportions while maintaining the same degree of clarity and brightness.

The ink utilized in this printer is Sublijet-HD cartridges. Consequently, you’ll have the longest time between cartridge changes and pay the least per print. Over a range of hard surfaces, including polyester, cloth, and cotton, the Sawgrass SG1000 may be utilized. Excellent printer compatibility is provided. The printer includes several connection choices, a user-friendly navigation interface, and compatibility with Sawgrass software.

With an optional bypass tray, you can print up to 13 X 51, and without one, 11 X 17. This printer is suggested for large-scale organizations or those seeking to grow their company based on its performance. You may print with vibrant, high-definition color details in various sizes and materials. You won’t encounter too many problems since this printer is also relatively easy to operate.


  • Excellent price for printing in huge quantities
  • Simple printing of large pages
  • There are several connecting possibilities


  • It’s similar to the previous version.
  • On the expensive side

Why did we choose it

Without a doubt, this is among the top sublimation printers for business volume and bulk printing. This printer can print in large quantities while preserving sharpness and quality. It is ideal if you have a company or want to start sublimation printing professionally since individuals may find it an expensive alternative.

Epson Surecolor F170

Personalizing trophies, mugs, mouse pads, and other objects is easy with the Epson SureColor F170 dye-sublimation printer. It uses robust PrecisionCore technology to generate prints of professional quality. Since it is affordable, you can produce a vast range of goods without going bankrupt.

Genuine ink is highly recommended for the best print results. This printer has 400 black nozzles and 128 cyan, magenta, and yellow nozzles per color, as well as Epson’s PrecisionCore printhead technology, 1200 x 600 dpi, and variable-sized droplet technology.


  • Simple to use.
  • Not a financial burden
  • Modest footprints
  • Superior printing
  • There is ink included in the box.


  • Not suitable for high-volume printing.
  • There is no ethernet port.

Why did we choose it?

The SureColor F170 is another Epson printer that produces excellent prints on various media. It has a good design, is simple to assemble and operate, and is reasonably priced. Its compact size will allow you to conserve crucial desktop space. It functions well for smaller assignments like printing tumblers, phone covers, T-shirts, and customization projects.


We know that sublimation is a complex process with several precautions and limitations. Nonetheless, the aforementioned top sublimation tumbler printers are excellent for enhancing the worth of your company. We’ve revealed all the best printers based on our prior experience testing them from various aspects. We also analyzed the experiences of many users to come up with those picks. Our in-depth analysis will help you in selecting your ideal role model.

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