Best sublimation printer for heat transfer

Best sublimation printer for heat transfer

You should know where to begin if you want to work with heat transfer paper and enjoy the most fabulous prints for your fast fashion and clothing.

You must look at your budget and the cost of operation when choosing the printer that works best sublimation printer for heat transfers since there are so many different variables to consider.

It would help if you researched printers that guarantee long-term print quality for heat transfer and sublimation prints.

Not to worry, we’ll go through the top heat transfer printers on the market and ensure you are informed on all aspects of the best sublimation printer for heat transfer.

What is the sublimation printer?

The sublimation printer is made to create a design on an item in gaseous condition with the help of high-temperature heat pressure.

If you wonder about what is the best sublimation printer for heat transfer? Here you go.

Best sublimation printer for heat transfer and sublimation

Here are some best printers for sublimation and heat transfer.

Epson EcoTank ET-2720

The Epson Ecotank 2720 was regarded as excellent for sublimation by almost 80% of customers. That turned out to be accurate. Our wording was precisely right for the cotton t-shirt.


Overall, the print quality is satisfactory. The text quality was good. There was no pattern in the characters or letters.

Powerpoint presentations, Excel figures, and Adobe Acrobat documents all looked new. Several regions have minor color flaws. This is for the backdrop with a complicated gradient. Other than that, it is suitable for everyday usage.


The standard print speed was modest. Monochrome was captured at ten ppm by ET2720. The color picture was processed at a rate of 4.5 ppm. We put the USB 2.0 speed to the test. The connection was sufficiently slick. It slowed down in certain instances, like the printing of sublimation paper.

The Sublimation Process

Over 100% cotton textiles were evaluated. The color was evenly distributed. There was no gradient decrease in the backdrop. Each color saturation seemed to be equal. At point 4, there were several minor streaks in the text.


The specifications include a Sublimation-compatible inkjet, USB port, and Compatible with Wifi, laptop, PC, IOS, and android.

Canon PIXMA G1220

Canon makes sublimation printing simple, but conversion is challenging. We timed the Epson printer’s sublimation ink cartridge replacement at 10 minutes.

Nevertheless, Canon takes a little longer than that. The result and general print quality are still respectable for small company owners.


Canon often takes a while to print, but the quality is worth the wait. All of the business papers we evaluated had readable wording. No streak was present. It has Near-perfect gradients and dark fills.


This print speed could have been better. The Pixma 1220 features a black print speed of 9 ppm and a color print speed of 5 ppm.

The pace becomes tiresome when printing a significant page. This printer was compared to the HP TANGO X, which was evident. Six ppm is high.

The sublimation process

Canon has always provided a satisfactory printing experience. When printing on heat transfer paper, we received the proof.

The color saturation was enough. After infusing it with the cloth, we double-checked the quality. There were some color bands visible. We don’t believe it is observable with the naked eye.


It has an inkjet, USB, and mega tank compatible with laptops and PC.


People often look for a specialized sublimation printer, which is pricey. Hence, by recommending the finest product, we want to save costs. Both sublimation and heat transfer printing are possible with each of the printers. All of them work with the CISS INK System. You now have an option. Grab the finest offer to start this year off right.

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