Best sublimation printer for Cricut


Best sublimation printer for Cricut


Are you an artist or craftsperson who runs a small business? A best sublimation printer for cricut may assist you with your creative work, and in this manner, you can include some fun in your company with the best sublimation printer for cricut.

Individuals like using a Cricut press to cut and print during leisure time. But, to benefit from this activity, you must have the best sublimation printer for Cricut. A popular DIY trend is sublimation printing, which transfers your pattern and print on items like t-shirts, mugs, and more. With this top-notch printer technology, this is the most effective technique to produce custom designs quickly.


What is Cricut printing?


Cricut printing is a staple for DIYers and crafters; competent tools enable high-quality modifications. How can you choose the perfect sublimation printer for Cricut printers out of all the alternatives available?

If you share the same concerns, you must read this piece now. We’ve included some of the top best sublimation printers for Cricut users and some essential considerations to make.


Best sublimation printer for Cricut

Here are the best sublimation printers for Cricut so you can decide which one is ideal for you.


Epson WorkForce WF-7720


You won’t be disappointed with the performance of PrecisionCore Technology, which offers borderless prints on tabloid-sized paper. The Epson 7720 can print photographs with a maximum 4800 x 2400 DPI resolution.

Like the Epson 7710, automatic two-sided printing is available at a quicker print speed of 18 ppm for black and ten ppm for color prints.

One of the most versatile best sublimation printer for cricut, it can accommodate up to 500 sheets of paper thanks to its dual trays. A personalized paper tray is furthermore provided for those who want it. For instance, there is plenty of space if you’re sublimating on butcher paper.



  • Unframed print
  • Duplex-Printing
  • Voice-activated, hands-free printing
  • Environment friendly
  • Use up to 5,000 sheets.
  • pixel density: 4800 x 2400
  • Printing at ten ppm in color and 18 ppm in monochrome


  • Four cartridges of Durabrite Ultra Ink
  • Rapid printing
  • Precise Core Technology by Epson
  • Two trays of 35-sheet paper
  • Automatic Document Feeder
  • Lower use of electricity


  • Other brands of ink will not work.
  • Premature wear and tear

WorkForce WF-7710


The Epson 7710 has unique features that produce magnificent prints for sublimation projects. You may print high-resolution, borderless images with PrecisionCore Technology. Also, the 4800 x 2400 DPI resolution is essential for more apparent results.

The printer does a fantastic job in terms of printing speed. With its automated two-sided printing feature, it can produce black prints at a speed of 8.7 pages per minute and colored photographs at a rate of six pages per minute.

There is no longer a need to refill the tray often since the printer can load up to 250 pages simultaneously. The machine’s universal media compatibility makes it perfect for printing papers, brochures, and flyers. The printer utilizes 4x Durabrite Ultra Ink cartridges (CMYK) for the brightest transfers.


  • Ink with color, Durabrite Ultra
  • PrecisionCore outperforms laser printers.
  • Use 80% less energy
  • Prints up to 13 x 19 inches without borders
  • Document feed automatically
  • Outstanding sublimation printer
  • Multi-Function Printer


  • Link for compatibility with both iPhones and Android phones
  • Pleasant touchscreen interface
  • Outstanding print quality
  • ADF can feed 35-page
  • There is a simple tutorial provided.
  • Easy to use


  • Pricey per page
  • Wide-format projects could need a lot of ink.

Epson EcoTank ET-2750


A multifunction printer, the ET-2750 prints, copies, and scans simultaneously. The Epson EcoTank ET-2750 is a highly compact printer with a 9.4-inch diameter. The printer weighs 13.2 pounds, making it lightweight and portable.

This Cricut printer features four conveniently replenished high-capacity ink tanks for sublimation printing. Epson ink 502 is also compatible with all other Epson sublimation printers.

This printer for the Cricut has a button-controlled 1.5-inch LCD for simple printing and copying. The rear feeder of this printer has a capacity of 100 sheets of plain paper and 20 sheets of picture paper with a media size of 8.511.7 inches. Epson’s high-quality printers will produce prints and images that are crisp and colorful.

Excellent print quality is produced by this printer, which has a resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi. The ability to print from your mobile device is made simple by the Wi-Fi and USB connection support. Moreover, the mobile device-compatible Epson print app is helpful for both speedy printing and printer upkeep.



  • Multi-purpose
  • Small and portable
  • No-cartridge printing
  • Automatic Double-side printing
  • Reusable ink bottles
  • Outstanding print quality


  • Low-cost alternatives to ink
  • Compatibility with SD cards for quick printing
  • This method helps you conserve 90% of the ink.
  • Superior printing
  • Simple to use


  • No Automatic Document Feeder
  • Paper Jam Problem



Out of all the high-quality sublimation printers, selecting the finest Cricut printers for do-it-yourselfers and small businesses may be challenging unless you have all the essential information. These printers are perfect for printing on objects like coffee cups for the office. When investing in a Dye-sublimation printer for the Cricut, it’s crucial to consider your needs.

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