The Best Printer for Dye Sublimation


The Best Printer for Dye Sublimation


Are you looking forward to purchasing a best printer for dye sublimation as a complete novice, or are you worried about buying a low-cost one that produces high-quality sublimation prints? This content is specifically just for you! We’ll introduce the best printer for dye sublimation for beginners.

Exploring various best printer for dye sublimation manufacturers before purchasing like this is always a good idea to see which would work best for you


What is printing with dye-sublimation?


It is a method for applying digital pictures to materials, including paper, plastic, textiles, and other surfaces that are conducive to sublimation by applying heat. You may print transfers to create personalized apparel, branded signs, flags, or creative graphics on dinnerware using a basic dye-sub inkjet printer and the appropriate ink. Direct printing onto synthetic fabrics is possible with more costly equipment.


Best printer for dye sublimation


Our experienced reviewers evaluate and compare goods and services for hours so you can select the best printer for dye sublimation for you.


Epson SureColor F170


This specialized dye-sublimation printer is the easiest way to print on fabric and other suitable sublimation surfaces. You just use the special ink in the package to fill the ink tanks, printing your design on unique transfer paper just as you would with a standard inkjet printer.  This technique of printing transfers enables you to consistently adhere them to the surface of your choosing using a heat source. You get four 140ml T49M ink bottles with C, M, Y, and K labels, generally regarded as the best dye for sublimation. Based on Epson’s renowned EcoTank series, the printer itself is conveniently small and, while not having a display, is simple to use using the included software for Mac and PC.


  • Low cost
  • Simple to use


  • Only supports A4 size
  • Print resolution limitations


HP Stitch S500


These printers print on transfer paper using the same unique water-based dye-sub ink. The Stitch S500 is perfect for enterprises with significant print needs since it prints swiftly at roughly 110 m2 per hour and can be automated to run throughout the night without monitoring. There is considerable printing space for ink, and it accepts vast rolls of paper or fabric, while thermal printheads may be quickly changed with one hand and recycled. Tiny fans blow on the developing print work to dry the ink before it is rolled, and a touchscreen panel is provided for convenience. If you need a rugged dye-sup printer with all the newest features, this is the printer.


  • It can print both paper and fabric
  • Execute unattended print tasks


  • Costly


Epson SureColor F570 Pro


The printer has everything you need to print on hard surfaces and cloth. It is a large-format inkjet printer that can accommodate rolls of transfer paper ranging in width from Letter/A4 to 24 inches. It comes with two 140ml bottles of ink in each of the four colors and a built-in cutter. Epson Edge Print Pro, a professional piece of software, is also included with this version. This makes dye-sub printing simple, and the precisionCore MicroTFP printhead provides the best print quality. It also has a vast color touchscreen interface.


  • Excellent software support
  • Elegant and user-friendly design


  • There is no choice for white ink.


Sawgrass SG500


Sawgrass’s newest entry-level model makes the process simple and affordable. It’s a desktop printer designed to produce transfer paper in any size up to Legal Wide using specially formulated inks (8.5 x 14 inches). It offers high-resolution using the company’s own UHD inks. It is compatible with many substrates, including polyester textiles and rigid media with polymer coatings, like metal or glass.


  • Good construction and design
  • Includes software and ink


  • High-priced ink refills




If you’re looking to buy your first sublimation printer, the variety of choices could seem overwhelming. It depends on how much time and money you invest in the setup. Select from your home’s convenience since you will find everything you want here.

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