Best ecotank printer for sublimation

Best ecotank printer for sublimation

Since they always stay in style, t-shirts are a popular choice of apparel and a fashion standard. T-shirt printing has developed into a sizable sector that offers customers a product, especially for shirts with high sublimation printing. These best ecotank printer for sublimation are perfect if you prefer rave parties with a distinctive slogan and exquisitely made attire.

This article will help you choose the best Ecotank printer for sublimation after you evaluate their effectiveness based on the preferences and judgments of our staff. These printers employ sublimation printing to produce edge-to-edge patterns. Several connection choices, color resolution, printing speed, tin tank, and print capacity are just a few of the intriguing characteristics that Epson printers provide. Aside from all of this, their affordable pricing is the finest since you can save some money.

best Ecotank printer for sublimation

There is a quick overview of the seven finest best ecotank printer for sublimation available. Examine this list to see which one best fits you.

Epson EcoTank ET-4760

Large-scale printing is necessary for a steady supply of ink, although there are more practical uses for cartridges. Also, non-recyclable cartridges add to the rising proportion of waste that finds its way to landfills across the globe. The integrated tank of the ET-4760 ink tank greatly lowers plastic pollution, cutting it by 90%. That is the greatest sublimation printer for apparel since it satisfies your ink needs for six months.

To stop the coloring process from staining the garments, the Epson ET-4760 uses a specific printing sheet. T-shirts and other materials may be applied to them using a heat press. The ink tanks have a huge capacity to guarantee a steady flow of ink, and a tiny display screen on the printer’s front shows their condition. Technology for replenishing ink tanks brings down the printing price and the total manufacturing cost.


  • Simple printing mechanism
  • Simple paper handling
  • Feeding of paper automatically
  • Voice command


Why did we choose it?

We chose this sublimation printer because it is the best option for printing in volume and textiles. It is also excellent for novices.

It includes inexpensive refill ink tanks. It provides you with the finest printing process and high-quality prints.

Epson ET 3760 Sublimation Printer

The Epson ET-3760 has a durable plastic housing, and the LCD shows the ink levels. It is easy to remove the rear chamber of the printer. On the other hand, the intake cassette employs a width slider to handle stuck paper and various paper sizes.

Super Tank Ink Technology is an innovative feature of the Epson ET-3760. It contains four large, high-capacity ink tanks instead of cartridges. This printer’s black and color ink tanks have a large capacity and can print many pages before being replaced. The tanks should not need frequent refilling, even if you regularly create a lot of paper.

Also, the ET-3760 offers a variety of connecting possibilities, which is a crucial aspect. A local network or router may be easily connected using a standard interface. Smartphones may also join a network through Wi-Fi or a network cable, depending on their settings.


  • Cheap cost
  • Flawless footprints
  • High quality of the print


  • The size is a little large.

Why did we choose it?

Sweatshirt sublimation printing works well with the Epson ET-3760 all-in-one inkjet printer since it has a reusable super tank ink system. Both color and monochrome printing are also possible. Despite its small, this item performs well and has attractive color options.


Whether you wish to launch a new endeavor or an internet firm, you will want a printer that can print on various materials, from single bills to textiles. And EPSON is the only company that can provide you with a top-notch printer.

According to our study and comparison of several Epson printers, these Epson sublimation printers are the best in performance, low power consumption, and speed. All you need to do is research your needs and choose the ideal Epson printer for sublimation.

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