How to Get the Best 13×19 Sublimation Printer


How to Get the Best 13x19 Sublimation Printer


You have chosen 13×19 sublimation printer crafts but want to print on broad format substrates mainly for various uses. Your crafting adventure will need a printer to print huge prints, and that printer should be able to print according to your demands, generating brilliant colours at a reasonable cost for each print.

Not all sublimation printers can print 13 x 19 with exceptional precision. To help you choose the finest one, we’ve compiled a thorough guide on the best 13×19 sublimation printer. This printer will provide borderless prints, outstanding page yield, quick printing speeds, simple maintenance, and vibrant colours with six different sublimation ink colours.


Best 13×19 Sublimation Printer for Broad and Big Size Prints


Various printers provide different features and outcomes. I identified some of the most durable 13×19 sublimation printers to make your travel fun.


1 . Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550


Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550


Epson EcoTank ET-8550 tops our list with its small and robust body, big front navigation, 6-colour sublimation ink printing, and 13×19 sublimation printer paper. The printer produced fine-coloured photographs despite being cartridge-free.

Even the tiniest letters were apparent. 12 colour printing was rapid, but monochrome was faster.

ET-8550 can print borderless 13×19 sublimation printing pictures despite its expandable sheet tray that prints multiple paper sizes. The professional sublimation printer could print 4×6 images and super tabloids.

With a high-resolution scanner that scans jazzy pictures and an 8 x14-inch flatbed. The picture printer has a 120-sheet front capacity and a 100-sheet rear capacity, which is understandable given the price. Yet, its printing size and brilliant print quality justified the price.

Enthusiasts maintain ICC profiles for 13×19 sublimation printers and inks. Even with 6 sublimation inks, the ET-8550 doesn’t need ICC profiles. I choose LNKCOS sublimation ink from two ICC-free possibilities. Ink tank refilling was simple.

The control panel offers USB, Wifi, Ethernet, SD card printing, and USB flash drive printing. Android, IOS, iPads, and Epson‘s smart app allow smartphone picture printing.

Epson ET-8550 Good for Sublimation

The sublimation machine is worth its price for its broad format printing quality, small design, and newest features. Sublimation voids warranty and lacks ADF


2 . Epson WF-7840 Workforce Pro


Epson WF-7840 Workforce Pro


Affordable, high-quality 13×19 sublimation printer. The massive matte black plastic body felt high-quality. The 4.3 touchscreen navigation system provided superb side views. The printer and panel tilted easily from the front and sides.

Our best selection ET-8550 prints tabloid at 11 x 17 inches and wide at 13 x 19 inches with borders. The Epson WF-7840 has 500-sheet paper drawers and a 50-sheet auto document feeder.

The printer uses CMYK cartridges and inks. Sublimation requires different recharging cartridges and inks. Epson’s authentic sublimation inks are best.

The cartridges ran out rapidly compared to ink tank printers, but the printing output was great. Nevertheless, its third-party ink cartridges are not chip reset. Thus, filling them may imply they are empty. Installing the CISS ink system fixed the issue and made printing smooth.

Epson’s smart software lets me print wirelessly from my phone, saving time and increasing productivity. Ethernet, USB, and Android/IOS wireless connections are all available.



3 . Epson ET-15000 Ecotank



Epson ET-15000 Ecotank


The EcoTank ET-15000 is the best 13×19 sublimation printer with cartridge-free printing and reduced print costs. The front-facing ink level indicator makes ink tank access straightforward. Only this Epson Ecotank Sublimation printer can produce super tabloid CMYK. The 2.4-inch touchscreen display, smaller than ET-8550 and WF-7840, had a decent viewing angle.

The dual-paper tray front tray can print 250 13×19-inch bordered documents. The auto document feeder scans pictures, but I located a separate scanner.

ADF scanning size was 2 inches, 8 x14 inches. However, the scanner could scan 8 x 11-inch pictures. It makes tabloid-sized borderless prints like the WF-7840.

Coloured graphics printed slowly, but black-and-white did well. The colour accuracy was poor, but the print quality was good. Refilling ink tanks was easy. No syringe or bottle push was needed, and ink levels were visible.

4 . Sawgrass UHD Virtuoso SG1000


Sawgrass UHD Virtuoso SG1000


A pre-converted sublimation printer. The commercial-grade Sawgrass SG1000 sublimation printer prints big banners and up to 13 materials. Sawgrass SG1000 prints 13×51-inch images on big acrylic blanks and t-shirts.

Using a bypass tray, it can print wide format prints up to 11×17. Rear-mounted bypass tray installation. One hundred sheets is a modest paper tray capacity. Sawgrass Sublijet UHD ink cartridges produced excellent images. High-quality printing reduced page yield. Running costs were high.

The Sawgrass SG1000’s creative studio software made creating graphics simple with ready-to-use templates and colour accuracy when printing.

In addition, the print manager selected substrate materials to help the programme control colour fidelity on each substrate. Sawgrass SG1000 printers automatically unclog and clean the printhead. The printer’s auto-maintenance cycle lets you create creative art without difficulty.

The colour printing speed was 15 PPM, depending on the resolution. Computer and smartphone printing need wireless, Ethernet, and USB.

4 . Epson ET-16600 EcoTank Pro


Epson ET-16600 EcoTank Pro


A rugged, wide-format sublimation printer for business applications. The front-accessible all-in-one printer contains 4 CMKY ink tanks. Excellent side and front views.

A 4.3-inch touchscreen and buttons are on the tilting panel. The panel resembled the WF-7840. This super-sized sublimation printer is more convenient and cheaper per page.

13×19 sublimation printer outputs wide format sheets but scans and copies 11×17 borderless. Printing 12 CMYK pages per minute is fast.

It has two 250-sheet paper cassettes and a 50-sheet premium media cassette. The 50-sheet auto document feeder can copy and scan duplexes.

But printers are costly and need much room. Since it is designed for large workloads, the print quality was exact for a professional firm.

Moreover, smartphone communication was easy. I prefer wireless printing from a Laptop unless your smartphone has a prepared picture.

Check 11×17 sublimation printers.

Some prominent networking choices are fast ethernet, USB, direct wifi, Bluetooth, IOS and Android compatibility, and the Epson print app.

Epson ET 16600 Sublimation is good.

It can print sublimation paper. It’s not a factory-made sublimation printer. Hence, Ecotank printers need two processes to convert. See Cricut’s Best Sublimation Printer.



Wide-format printing may boost your company. You decide whether you choose the correct sublimation printer. Choose carefully. The right sublimation printer will pay for itself within months. Still unsure which 13×19 sublimation printer to buy? Quick review.

Wanting to start cheaply? These sublimation printers are inexpensive.

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